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Driving digital-first innovation in auto sales and finance operations with Dynamics 365

Project Overview

Accelerating automotive retail success by leveraging Dynamics 365

Embarking on a strategic journey towards digital transformation, a leading auto sales and finance enterprise in the US automotive retail industry engaged Confiz to navigate the challenges posed by its legacy systems. With a meticulously planned implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management alongside Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, the company optimized its operations and achieved remarkable advancements in customer engagement.

The need

Breaking free from legacy: Transforming auto sales and finance systems

In a strategic move to stay ahead of the technological curve, a leading auto sales and finance company in the United States found itself grappling with the limitations of a legacy system. Recognizing the need for innovation, the client sought a strategic partner with an aim to assess its current system, identify issues, and help them migrate to a modern, scalable solution. 

The primary objective was to replace the legacy ERP and improve customer engagement by streamlining sales opportunity management, tracking, and scheduling operations. Additionally, recognizing the need to modernize operations and meet the industry standards for sustained progress, the client wanted to eliminate manual tasks across various critical areas, including finance, product management, and inventory. Furthermore, the modernization effort extended to customer and case management, where the goal was to streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and ultimately provide a better customer experience. Bottlenecks in the Online Credit Application process also needed improvement, as they were impeding efficiency and inflating costs. Through these comprehensive improvements, the client aspired to build a more agile, responsive, and competitive business infrastructure. 

In response to these challenges and the associated business goals, the company chose Confiz’s expertise for a thorough system evaluation and a tailored solution. 

The Solution

Operational excellence and innovation driven by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Confiz performed a thorough evaluation of the client’s system by comprehensively understanding the client’s business model, operational workflows, existing infrastructure, and automation requirements. This in-depth analysis formed the basis for our recommendation to transition from an on-premises setup to a unified cloud-hosted environment, leveraging D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (D365 F&SCM) and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. 

Central to our strategy was establishing a robust foundation for improved financial processes, including advanced bank reconciliation, financial reporting with drill-down functionality for overdue accounts receivables, and automated financial tasks. The project scope also involved seamlessly integrating sales and loan management processes into D365 F&SCM. This entailed centralized customer and vendor data management and product and inventory management enhancements. 

Furthermore, our team executed the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) with Sales and Field Service modules within an accelerated timeline of 14 months, surpassing the original projection of 3 years. The new and improved CRM system was meticulously designed to automate and streamline manual front-line service operations, empowering the sales team to efficiently navigate the sales lifecycle from lead generation to deal closure. Key features within the Sales module included lead nurturing, seamless progression from leads to cash, and intuitive tools such as daily priorities and progress dashboards. The implementation also included the integration of the user’s credit application into the sales cycle. On the other hand, the Field Service module introduced optimized scheduling functionalities and a user-friendly mobile application for enhanced on-the-go access and productivity. 

What we did

Dynamics 365 Finance and OperationsDynamics 365 Customer EngagementMicrosoft Dynamics 365 supply chain managementDynamics 365 SalesDynamics 365 Field Service

The Outcome

Elevating business impact through operational efficiency, agility and performance optimization

Secure and scalable solution

Embracing the cloud empowered the client to optimize resource allocation, reduce IT overhead, and enjoy enhanced accessibility, security, and scalability, aligning seamlessly with its business objectives. 

Improved sales team productivity

The client enhanced its sales function by integrating user credit applications and automating sales processes for greater efficiency and improved CSAT scores. 

Streamlined business operations

By unifying disparate systems into a cohesive platform, the company achieved greater operational agility, resulting in faster response times, improved resource allocation, and enhanced overall productivity.   

Optimized financial management

Financial processes were digitized, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and better decision-making. 

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Advanced reporting provided the client with deep and valuable insights into customer and accounts management, enabling informed strategic decisions. 

Optimized CE implementation

Addressing shortcomings in the existing CE implementation for the Accident Protection Plan team through bug fixes and configuration optimizations significantly enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.  

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