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Conquer the numbers and meet the demands of holiday 2021 and beyond

While the pandemic might have instilled fear in consumers, retail analysts have predicted a sharp increase in year-over-year spending. According to Deloitte, holiday retail sales are likely to climb from 7% to 9%, better than the 5.8% increase it tracked in 2020. As customers gear up to make the most out of the holiday season, what have you planned to make sure your holiday marketing campaigns are hitting the right targets? How are you planning for constant flux in commerce and retail?

As competition intensifies, it is more important than ever for retailers to leverage top tactics to optimize their brand’s conversion opportunities. With proper marketing campaigns in place and relevant offers, you can still win this holiday season and maximize ROI. We have assembled experts from Confiz and D.Engage, to help retailers prepare for a successful fourth quarter and holiday season through last-minute insights and strategies for higher sales-this holiday and beyond.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How retail/consumer behavior has shifted this year and how brands can adapt their marketing strategies to achieve success this holiday season. ​
  • How to craft an elevated eCommerce shopping experience with effective strategies and proven examples​.
  • ​Success stories of retailers who carved and executed marketing strategies to eventually lead the market channel. ​
  • Checklist: How can you still reach your KPIs for this holiday season.

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Meet the presenters



Senior Director, BD - Confiz

Based in the US, Bob is an entrepreneur and a CRM expert with over 35 years of experience. He started working with retailers 30 years ago and is very passionate about transforming businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions especially using Microsoft technology stacks. His extensive experience has empowered top-notch retailers to improve their customer experience across all channels.



Jessica Stephens - CEO (London) - D.engage

Based in the UK, Jessica has 20 years of experience in technology businesses and as an entrepreneur has her own retail business. Having worked at some of the world's leading digital marketing tech providers for some of the world's leading retailers, she's seen an interesting evolution in data usage and automated marketing activities.


Director Professional Services D365 - Confiz

Based in Pakistan, Jawad has 18 years of experience working with retailers worldwide and as a technologist has also created a cloud-based SaaS CRM application embedded with headless commerce inside the product DNA. Further, he has also launched a food ordering business, built on top of his application.