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Future-proof your business and benefit with at least 50% productivity savings with Dynamics 365, a platform that evolves as you scale.

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New features, integrated operations, enhanced business insights and modern user experience

Microsoft has ended the extended support for most of Dynamics AX versions and the support for remaining versions (AX 2012 R2 and RTM) will only linger until December, 2021. After that, organizations running outdated Microsoft software will be exposed to security and compliance risks.

This is the optimal time to upgrade to Dynamics 365 and benefit from a future-ready CRM and ERP. It is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations improve collaborations, gain data-powered insights, increase operational efficiencies, and leverage improved best practices for 2021 and beyond.

Modernize business processes and move to the cloud with Dynamics 365

Dynamics AX is primarily an on-premises ERP solution and lacks Azure cloud capabilities. In contrast, Dynamics 365 features cloud computing that allows organizations to drive business growth, adapt to market demands, transform digitally, and drive value across the organization. With Dynamics 365, you:

  • Only pay for the services you use
  • Get additional integrated ERP and CRM capabilities
  • Benefit from extensive integrations with other platforms
  • Plan better with artificial intelligence-powered analytical services
  • Avoid upfront investments in infrastructure, network, storage and space

This may be the last upgrade you will ever have to do

At Confiz, we create an upgrade plan that supports our client’s strategic goals such as gaining more control over processes, data insights on budgeting, optimizing procurement, automating data collection, etc. Our Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade strategy includes:

Licensing and pricing

The Dynamics AX upgrade to Dynamics 365 has some costs associated to it. We help you understand these costs and highlight benefits of a subscription-based pricing model.

unified commerce

Planning the upgrade

Our experts understand your current workflows to strategize business process models to be used after implementation of the new software. This enables seamless, hassle-free upgrades.

Business transformation mapping

We use institutionalized data import layouts to develop efficient execution timetables and ensure a smooth data migration process.

Data migration strategy

Confiz experts use proven processes and tools to develop strategies for data retention, data cleansing, historical data, and migration documentation.

Necessary code upgrades

During upgrade, any custom code in Dynamics AX may need to get replicated in Dynamics 365. Using data packages and extensions, we redesign the previous functionality in the new system.

Upgrading integrations

Many businesses have interconnecting applications integrated with other platforms. Our upgrade experts connect directly to SaaS environments to overcome any existing restrictions.

Our Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 upgrade journey


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Got more questions about upgrade?

Here's everything you need to know

Dynamics AX works fine, what’s the urgency to upgrade?

You need to consider your life cycle support for your current Microsoft Dynamics AX version.  Whether you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, or Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, your mainstream support period will expire in 2021. Therefore, it is important to upgrade to Dynamics 365 prior to the expiration of your support cycle. Otherwise you might be exposed to compliance and security risks.

What will I gain by upgrading to Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics is a single platform solution, providing you with built-in BI and analytics to streamline and modernize your business processes. Upgradation to Dynamics 365 offers you secure features and better functionalities through advanced updates. You further get to enjoy extensive accessibility, reduced IT maintenance, multi-platform user interface integration, helpful updates, robust security and real-time business intelligence.

Will I save on the maintenance costs associated with my current AX solution?

One of the main concerns for businesses is the total cost of software and infrastructure maintenance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps cut down cost of doing business. With Dynamics, there is no requirement of dedicated servers and systems. Additionally, Microsoft takes full responsibility for monitoring and updating your core platforms, such as MS Windows and SQL Server as well as the application itself.

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