Databricks for data-driven solutions

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Databricks, a unified analytics platform to empower teams, improve processes and accelerate innovation.

Built on top of Apache Spark, Databricks is a zero-management cloud platform used for building batch or streaming data transformation pipelines, data discovery and exploration, Machine Learning and other use cases. This platform helps in making data ready for onwards analytics and visualization faster than ever before.

Here are the use cases we can enable for you through Databricks

Leverage Databricks for AI/ML powered data-driven solutions

demand forecasting

Demand forecasting

What is the sales/HR/production outlook for the next year? Enable better planning and business alignment through forecasts based on hard data.

  • Gain holistic data-driven insights and forecasts
  • Enable integrations through various data sources
  • Facilitate technical and business teams
  • Improve operations and resource management​​
predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

What is the likelihood of a system/store/POS going down? Predict and proactively fix potential issues in systems to prevent revenue-draining downtime.

  • Move from reactive to proactive
  • Improve risk mitigation
  • Better planning and delivery against set goals
  • View real-time status reports
market based analysis

Market-basket Analysis

What is the likelihood of a shopper purchasing product A with product B? Uncover associations between different products and build a recommendation engine for consumers to intuitively increase overall sales value per purchase.

  • Understand buying pattern and product associations
  • Increase revenue without increasing marketing budget
  • Better sales planning and forecasting
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
market based analysis

Strategic and financial planning

How to optimize product utilization, and partnerships, in view of customer churn and changing preferences? Empower and enable decision-makers to optimize revenue and cost allocations based on business and operational intelligence, insights and forecasts.

  • Better fiscal, quarterly and monthly operational execution
  • Process and enrich data from multiple sources
  • Supports data-driven business models and teams
  • Micro-segmentation to report the relevant metrics

Increase profit margins
by 60% through Databricks

Data Science and Machine Learning techniques enable and equip your data scientists, engineers and analysts to maximize productivity across data value chain.

cost saving
Direct time and cost savings for massive tasks
implementation cycles
Accelerate implementation cycles
empower data persomas
Enable and empower all data personas
operational efficiency
Improve operational efficiency and productivity
smooth downstream processing
Smooth downstream processing
perform analytics
Perform analytics instead of managing infrastructure

The Confiz experience

global implementations

Global implementations

With more than 10 global implementations including a Fortune 10 company, Confiz takes pride in exploring and processing terabytes of data daily through real-time interactive querying ability.

top idustry talent

Top industry talent

At Confiz, our Databricks certified architects, data scientists and developers have the right technical experience to break down complex requirements and build a scalable, highly productive engine.

data insights

Data into insights

Confiz data scientists can perform simple yet scalable transformation of data so your team can focus on analytics instead of worrying about managing tools and infrastructure.

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