Ruba Digital, one of the largest retail chains of electronic products, needed a unified ERP system to modernize and streamline its growing business operations-from procurement and sourcing to planning and sales. Confiz leveraged its process operation expertise and implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a single, unified ERP solution.

About Ruba Digital

Ruba Digital is a Network of Retail Stores selling Electronics & other Durable goods with a Mustafeed Islamic Financing option. It has around 170 + stores across Pakistan, offering its customers flexible buying options and payment plans. Ruba Digital runs on a “Hire Purchase Model” that provides consumers access to a host of brands and their products through Easy Monthly Installments.

The Challenge

Delays in the sales process, untracked inventory movements, increased credit risk, and disordered customer database were some of the significant challenges arising from the complex “Hire Purchase Model”. Disordered customer database resulted in various departments logging in and entering (and re-entering) the same data manually in different systems. This took the sales team couple of hours for the internal formalization of the contract. Moreover, this also made creating meaningful reports and a clear forecast of the business environment quite difficult that continued to increase credit risk.

In addition to this, other complications were arising from Covid19, WFH reality, and new regulatory challenges imposed by the government.

All of these challenges continued to hamper growth, scalability, and operational controls on a daily basis. With two failed attempts made earlier to combat these challenges, the leadership feared another failure. This is where Confiz stepped in and, within a few months, helped automate and streamline Ruba Digital’s operations and boost operational efficiency.

The Solution

Soon after implementation, the proposed solution helped Ruba Digital eliminate unnecessary sourcing and processing delays, maintain customer database, and reduce credit risk. Automated complex calculations and adjustment transactions not only saved time but also made possible creation of different reports that were crucial to reduce credit risk and streamline back end operations at Ruba Digital. Initially, a single sales process entry took 3-4 hours, but now it is successfully done within 7-8 minutes. The issue of the disorganized database was resolved with automated CNIC validation, which made sure there were no repetitive date entries.

Additional improvements included serialized inventory management for better tracking and control, automated management of sales policies, price and discount agreements, and custom security roles designed to maintain duty segregation. The proposed solution also significantly increased the sales process’s efficiency and reduced the lead time of purchase.

Mr. Zeeshan Khan, COO at Ruba Digital, has to say,

“We are highly impressed by your attention to detail because for the same set of requirements; we couldn’t roll it out even after attempting it multiple times with our ex-technology partner.”

Customer Benefits

Increased data visibility and process optimization improved sales process efficiency by 35% and reduced overall operational costs by 40%. Moreover, the causes of increased credit risk were identified and reduced by 25%. Within a few months, better time and cost-effective operations at Ruba Digital led to a 300% increase in handling customer requests.

Why Confiz

The ability to understand business stakeholders, previous experience with the complex, Hire Purchase Model, and customer service excellence levels were reasons for Confiz being awarded this project. Confiz understood that the “Hire Purchase Model” is subjected to issues like delays in the sales process, untracked inventory movements, and increased credit risks, which struck a chord with Ruba Digital. Moreover, Confiz has its own CMMI level 3 software house that enabled it to add the relevant analytics layer and middleware for a seamless experience.

“Having Ruba Digital on our client board and helping them combat challenges resulting from one of the most complex models, The Hire Purchase Model, is a complete honor. Despite Covid-19, the technical team at Confiz has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined back-office operations of Ruba Digital. Ruba Digital is one of the largest retail chains in Pakistan and adding continuous value to their business is what is we are looking forward to,” said Hamid-ur-Rasheed, Director Professional Services, Confiz.

About Confiz

Founded in 2005, Confiz is global technology services and solution company with Fortune 100 companies as its clients. The company, a certified Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, employs more than 400 individuals worldwide and has its offices in North America, the Middle East, with Global Delivery Center in Pakistan.

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