Confiz has partnered with Bani Yas Cooperative Society, Abu Dhabi’s leading retailer and fastest-growing company, to help them meet their productivity goals. Deploying the cutting-edge IT solution, Advanced Warehouse Management System, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, Confiz will enhance the retail giant’s footprint globally.

About Bani Yas Cooperative Society

Bani Yas Cooperative Society started its journey back in 1980 and since then has come a long way. In 1989, to cater to the growing demand, Bani Yas expanded their largest distribution center even further to meet the needs of its ever-growing consumer base and make the first step into retail space with the very first Bani Yas Cooperative Society Supermarket.

Bani Yas Cooperative Society is currently running five supermarkets and retail stores located in Mafrq, Shahama & Mussafah. It is not just the general public benefitting from the supermarkets, but Abu Dhabi’s municipal department is also supplied directly from BCS’ distribution center.

With the business proliferating, it was becoming extremely tough for the warehouse manager to manage massive inventory, having to cater to great demands from stores and municipality.

Bani Yas Coop sought a one window digital solution to help them move goods through their warehouse at maximum speed, improving every fulfillment process stage. Confiz proposed Microsoft Dynamics AX
Advanced Warehouse Management System to enable consistency, efficiency, and quality control.

The Challenge

Bani Yas Cooperate Society faced a number of business challenges that affected their routine warehouse operations. Some of the significant challenges included untracked inventory movements, inefficient picking, no designated place for items, undefined put away locations, and inaccurate stocks.

These business challenges were further accompanied by project challenges. These included coping with WFH reality, aggressive timelines, and offsite business analysis due to Covid-19.

The Solution

The proposed solution will help rearrange BCS’s warehouse to a decent layout with every location labeled with an ID and barcode. Each item would be designated a location on five different levels of specificity: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin. Moreover, there would also be location-wise inventory visibility in the system, automatic suggestions of put-away locations on designated item’s locations whenever the items are received in the warehouse, controlled item picking routes while inventory issuance, location-wise tracking on in-house inventory movement, and the traditional stock count would be replaced by cycle counting through handheld terminals.

Mr Boubakar Rahmani, Advisor to the Board at Bani Yas Coop, has to say,

“I would like to thank Confiz Team, who have launched the project on time, and we are impressed with the result. We are fully confident that our mutual partnership will open a new era for our company”.

– Mr Boubakar Rahmani (Advisor to the board)

Customer Benefits

Bani Yas Cooperative Society aims for further growth through the automation of its logistic operations. The up-gradation of the inventory system from traditional to a more integrated form of order processing would help enhance labor productivity by 25%, 20-30% gain in space use, 15-30% improvement in the timely delivery of the right stock to stores. Moreover, the controlled item picking route would significantly reduce the cost of warehousing for Bani Yas Cooperative Society since order picking contributes around 55% to the total cost of warehousing.

Why Confiz

Confiz’s ability to place Bani Yas Cooperative Society’s business objectives, profitability and growth at the forefront was vital to Confiz being selected for this project. Optimizing operational processes, staff productivity and demand forecasting was critical for an organization serving millions of customers. That comfort level was provided because of the special retail and manufacturing expertise Confiz possessed. This combination of technical and industry expertise allowed Confiz to gain the right mindshare with Bani Yas Cooperative Society and was considered critical in awarding the project.

“Making possible some of the most complex implementations in some of the largest companies, we understand how important warehouse management is to the core functioning of an enterprise. Business and technical experts at Confiz have significantly transformed back-office operations of Baniyas Coop. said Atta Ur Rahman, Vice President Professional Services, Confiz. “We are excited about our mutual partnership with Baniyas Coop and are looking forward to enhancing their brand recognition and profitability further”.

About Confiz

Founded in 2005, Confiz is global technology services and solution company with Fortune 100 companies as its clients. The company, a certified Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, employs more than 400 individuals worldwide and has its offices in North America, the Middle East, with Global Delivery Center in Pakistan.

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